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How to Transplant Eyebrow? What should be considered during planting?

With the spread of hair transplantation, eyebrow and mustache transplantation became widespread. Especially with the development of Vio technology in 2003. The cultivation of eyebrows, mustaches and beards has become more widespread.

In this article, we will explain how to perform eyebrow transplantation, what to pay attention to and how to grow eyebrows.

  -How to Transplant Eyebrow ?

  Eyebrow transplantation is not actually a very accurate use. But it is known to people in this way. It would be more accurate to determine the procedure and the process is described as an eyebrow transplant because the hair follicles in the body are transferred to another area. For example, for eyebrow transplantation, unnecessary hair is taken from the neck and transferred to the eyebrow area.

  How is the Shape of the Eyebrow Determined?

  Before implanting the eyebrows models that a person likes, they are examined. People show how to draw the eyebrow model by drawing what they want. The implant is then carried out according to the model desired by the person.

  In the following, the steps of applying eyebrow transplantation will be explained gradually;

  1. The roots are removed from the appropriate area.

  2. Grafts containing 2-3 hairs are converted into one graft.

  3. Ready roots are grown without waiting. Otherwise, the outstanding hair roots will die.

  4. After transplantation, the treated area is cleaned with oxygenated water.

After transplantation, a person can go home the same day. Washing after 3 days.

 Considerations for eyebrow transplantation

Root removal must be done by hand.

  First, the roots are taken to be planted. Preferably, it is removed from the neck. In men, the beard can be taken from the bottom of the neck. Some people can implant by removing beard hair from the cheekbones. Purchase must be done manually.

The roots should be placed as quickly as possible.

You should remember that the hair follicles that have been taken live, and it will die if left without oxygen for a long time. Hair roots get the oxygen and vitamins they need through blood cells. So the skin must meet quickly after absorption.

Appropriate apparatus should be used when removing and planting

Very thin apparatus (thicker hair or slightly thicker coarse hair) should be used when picking it up.

The eyebrow transplant should not be done by opening the channel.

  Some doctors do this, but it is not advisable to open a canal because it will leave a scar. It is recommended to do it by hand and accurately. If the needle used is thick, you may leave a scar, just like opening the channel.The hair roots are placed with a 0.7 mm diameter needle.

The roots should be placed separately.

  When laying the roots, it is very important to put them as individual grafts and at an appropriate angle otherwise, an abnormal appearance appears. If the eyebrows usually grow from one root to one eyebrows in transplant, they should be the same.

The roots should be placed in the right place.

Inaccurate adjustment of the angle will also result in undesirable visual consequences. Therefore, it is important to plant at a 25-30 degree.

 Appearance After Operation.

  The transplant is not done by opening the canal, it is not even noticed that the eyebrow transplant is done after cleaning the area. The bloody picture disappears. Because the canal is not opened (picking and transplanting the needle) and there are no holes.

How long does the process of eyebrow transplant?

  The procedure varies from 2 to 4 hours depending on the number of roots to be transplanted.

 Considerations to be Taken After Treatment

  You should not be in contact with water for 24 hours after transplantation. There are no other restrictions. Anyone can continue his life in a natural way.

Is There Any Fall in Implanted Eyebrows?

At the end of the 15th day and the 6th week after the operation, some or all of the brows may fall. This is called shock falling. Such precipitation is part of normal operation. After that process eyebrows begin to appear 4-8 months.

  When Do Eyebrows Begin to Appear?

  In fact, this question is also related to a shock fall. In some individuals, trauma may occur and eyebrows may completely fall out after 3 months and some people may not experience that. So it may depend on the person’s response.

  The appearance time of eyebrows varies depending on the individual and technique applied. Eyebrows can be removed within 3 months or a year. However, eyebrows come out within one year at most.

Are The Eyebrows Implanted The Same as Natural Eyebrows?

  The appearance is indistinguishable but later implanted eyebrows grow like hair. This is due to the structure of the transplanted root.

Examples of Natural Hair Transplantation

The above image shows a sparse eyebrow. Thanks to eyebrow transplantation, natural and beautiful appearance is obtained.

Eyebrow Transplantation With Scar Closure

In these pictures, because of scar, the eyebrow was not growing. With eyebrow transplantation, the scar can be closed.

How Much is Eyebrow Transplantation Fees?

9 Turkish lira per one hair root at Idea Clinics.

  Eyebrow transplantation fees are determined by the number of grafts implanted. At Idea clinics, a fee is charged for each 9 TL.

  To cover scars and burns in eyebrow transplantation, it is enough to transplant 100-150 roots in general, 300 root transplants sufficient to achieve good results.

  However, when eyebrow transplantation is a priority, you should avoid worrying about the price and the implant specialist and implantation results. Otherwise, you can spend more time and money to get rid of an abnormal brow.

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