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Medical Fees

The following fee information is available in Idea Clinic Branches in Istanbul (Bakirkoy-Kadikoy-Sisli), Ankara, Izmir and Bursa. 50% discount is applied to patients who have SSK assurance for treatment fees applied in our clinics.

Varicose Veins Treatments

Laser, Radio Frequency, Foam, Sclerotherapy, Microsclerotherapy and Adhesion techniques are used for varicose veins treatment in our clinic. Which treatment will be applied depends on the patient’s varices.

Varicose veins treatment by Laser

Laser varicose veins are applied by skin and subcutaneous techniques. Laser treatment on the skin is only for capillaries. Subcutaneous laser treatment is used for medium and large varices.

Varicose Veins Treatment by Radio Frequency

Varicose veins treatment with RF is applied in two different ways, like laser treatment, through the skin and subcutaneously.

Varicose Veins Treatment with Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a treatment of varicose veins applied as a drug injection. By injecting medication into the problematic vessels, it is ensured that the vessel is permanently treated. If the injected drug is applied in a liquid state, the process is called sclerotherapy, if it is applied to the form of foam by reacting with air, then it is called foam treatment. The type of drug treatment applied for capillaries is called microsclerotherapy.

Gluing Treatment

Adhesion therapy is only applied to the vasodilation of the veins. It is not a suitable technique for capillaries.
Adhesion treatment is also done by injection. The problem vessel is closed by injecting adhesive. In this way, varicose veins are treated permanently.

Varicose Veins Treatment Fees

Varicose varieties are 3 types, capillary, medium size and large size varices. Varicose veins exist in different types and densities in each human being. Therefore, the treatment fee for varicose veins is determined according to each patient. The patient must be examined to determine the cost of treatment.
You can get the price information free of charge at our Idea Clinic branches.

In addition, we have a virtual examination application for patients who cannot come to the clinic. You can get price information by taking pictures of your heirs and sending them to whatsapp line of your nearest clinic.

Mole Treatments

In our clinic, mole removal procedures are performed with laser, radio frequency and plasma techniques. However, although not recommended, the moles of our patients are taken by surgery.

Laser Treatment

Superficial and dark colored moles are treated with laser device. Laser technique is inadequate in the treatment of puffy and light colored moles.

Mole Treatment with Plasma

Plasma mole treatment is also applied to the treatment of superficial moles like laser treatment. Plasma treatment cannot be performed on the skin fluffy moles.

Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio frequency technique can be used in the treatment of all skin fluffy and superficial moles. Within 1-2 minutes moles are removed by evaporation from the skin.

Mole Treatment Fees

The fees are determined according to three criteria of treatment fees. The size of the mole, the number of mole and whether the patient has SSI guarantee security.

The first moles up to 0.5 mm are covered by SSI assurance pay 150₺ and
the others are charged as 300₺ .

If it is greater than 0.55 and in areas such as eyelashes, nose, lips, you can learn the determination of the fee by examination (free of charge) or by sending pictures.

Hemangioma Treatments

Hemangioma infants is a congenital disease. However, there is a possibility of self-passing. For this reason, detailed research should be carried out before deciding on treatment. If the hemangioma is not in a risky area and does not tend to grow rapidly, it is recommended to follow it up first.
Approximately 70% of hemangiomas occurring in infants spontaneously pass up to the age of 9 years. For this reason, families should follow their children and determine whether there is a regression or not.
Hemangioma treatment is performed with laser and foam treatment in our clinic.

Laser Hemangioma Treatment

Due to the high temperature of the laser, superficial hemangiomas can be treated with laser.

Foam Hemangioma Treatment

Non-superficial deep-located hemangiomas are treated with foam or sclerotherapy. The treatment is administered in sessions until it disappear.

Hemangioma Treatment Fee

Hemangioma treatment fees are determined according to the size and superficial or deep localization of the hemangioma. Therefore, in order to provide price information, the patient must be examined or send a picture to our whatsapp line for our virtual examination application. In this way, the treatment fee determined for the patient can be learned.

Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoids are two different types of internal and external hemorrhoids. In addition, internal hemorrhoids have different degrees from 1 to 4. The type and degree of hemorrhoids is determined by which treatment is administered. In our clinic, hemorrhoids are treated with laser, RBL and THD techniques.

Laser Hemorrhoid Treatment (IRC)

Treatment of 1st and 2nd stage internal hemorrhoids can be performed with non-surgical techniques. IRC device is used for this.

RBL Treatment

Another non-surgical treatment for grade 1 and grade 2 hemorrhoids is tire choking. The aim is to connect the hemorrhoid nozzle to the tire and to shrink over time. Not applicable for advanced hemorrhoids.

Non-operative hemorrhoid treatments can be performed in a clinical setting without the need of a hospital setting.

THD Surgery

THD surgery is used in the treatment of advanced hemorrhoids. The hospital environment is required for THD treatment. The aim of this treatment technique is to connect the vein that feeds the hemorrhoid. In this way, the hemorrhoid nozzle that can not be fed shrinks and disappears in time.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Fees

Laser and RBL method, the SSI guarantee fee for those who don’t have it is 1500₺ including the examination fee is 3000. THD surgery is performed in the hospital environment, according to the agreement with the hospital varies between 3000 and 4500₺.

Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

Approximately 40 different surgeries have been tried to treat Pilonidal sinus. In our clinic, the most recently developed microsinusectomy technique is applied.

Microsinusectomy Treatment

The most successful treatment technique developed in recent years is microsinusectomy. A small incision as small as 2 cm is opened to remove the Pilonidal sinus. Non-surgical treatment is almost as easy.

Pilonidal Sinus Treatment Fee

It is a small-scale operation. Can be applied in clinical setting. Therefore, treatment fees are reasonable. The treatment is 3000 for patients without SSI assurance and 1500 for patients who has assurance.

Anal Fissure Treatment

In our clinic, anal Fissure treatments are performed with botox treatment without surgery.

Botox Treatment

Botox treatment is as easy as an injection. Patient comfort is very high thanks to the lack of cutting and sewing. In addition, there is no risk due to the non-surgical treatment.

Anal Fissure Treatment Fee

In our clinic, botox treatment is 3000 for the patients without SSI assurance and 1500 for patients who don’t have it.

Wart Treatment

Wart is a common problem in society. It usually does not cause discomfort. However, some warts may cause visual discomfort. Therefore, treatment may be requested. In our clinic, wart treatment is treated by evaporation with radio frequency and electro cautery techniques.

Wart Treatment Fees

Pricing is determined according to the area and size of the wart. Subsequent warts are charged as 250₺ for non assurance and 125₺ patients with SSI assurance.

Condyloma Treatment

Condyloma is the name given to warts in the breech and genital area. Treatment is a disease that requires patience and follow-up. Condyloma occurs due to HPV virus. New warts may occur unless the virus is completely removed from the body. Therefore, the patient should be followed up for a while after treatment.
In our clinic, condyloma treatment is performed by radio frequency technique. In addition, the patient is routinely checked after the treatment and if new warts are present, they are treated.

Condyloma Treatment Fees

The cost of treatment varies between 1500 and 4500₺ depending on the prevalence of condylomas.

Callus Treatment

The callus root must be removed from the body to treat the callus. In some clinics and hospitals, calluses are surgically removed. This is somewhat inconvenient for the patient. In our clinic, calluses are treated by radio frequency removal without surgery.

Callus Treatment Fee

In calluses up to 1 cm, 500₺ is taken for those who have SSI assurance and 1000₺ for our patients who don’t have.

Lipoma Treatment

Fat glands formed in the body are called sebaceous glands and those formed in the head are called fat cysts. Both treatments are performed in as little as 5 minutes in our clinic with a minimum incision. Due to the small incision, the healing is easy and the remaining scar is very small.

Fat Cyst, (Lipoma) Treatment Fees

  Pricing is again determined according to the size of the cyst. The treatment of fat cysts or sebaceous glands up to 2 cm was determined as 1000₺ for who don’t have SSI assurance and 500 for patients who have it.