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Why Callus Occur? How Does it Pass?

Although callus is not a serious disease, it is a problem affecting quality of life. Especially calluses which are formed in the feet and which are advanced can cause difficulty in walking.

What is Callus?

Callus is the simplest definition and thickening of the skin. However, not every skin thickening should be considered as callus. In order to categorize the thickening of the skin as a callus, callus root or nidus must be exist.

Callus formed in the middle part of the callus is quite hard. Especially the ones on the soles of the feet can cause walking difficulty even when walking.
Callus must be taken for full treatment of callus. In addition, the conditions that cause the callus must be eliminated.

Callus mostly occurs in hands and feet.

What Causes Foot Callus?

Callus is a problem usually seen in the feet. However, this does not mean that it will only occur in the feet. Many people also have calluses. Callus occurs as a result of the skin being exposed to friction. Therefore, it can occur anywhere subject to friction.

Choosing The Wrong Shoes:

The choice of shoes that are not suitable for the foot structure is the main reason for the formation of calluses in the feet. When it comes to the wrong shoes, it is often thought to choose small shoes. It causes calluses in shoes which are not only small to the feet but large to the feet.
The shoe is small to the foot prints from a certain area to the foot. In the area where the pressure is applied, the skin thickens and callus may develop over time. Likewise, callus formation may occur in shoes that are big to the foot because of friction to the foot. In heeled shoes, it can also cause friction and pressure on the foot.
In addition, the use of shoes without socks increases the risk of calluses.

Incorrect Walking / Stepping

One of the biggest factors in the formation of calluses is wrong stepping and walking. Continuous stepping on a certain part of the person’s foot causes hardening of the skin in that part of the foot. The formation of callus root in the process may also make walking difficult. A hard callus root at the point where the foot is pressed continuously will be quite uncomfortable.
In this way, in order to get rid of a callus, the error in stepping and walking must be corrected. Otherwise, it will come out again even if callus treatment.

Why do Hand Calluses Occur?

Friction applied to the hands can cause skin hardening of the palms and fingers of the hands.
Continuous hand tools are the main cause of skin thickening in the hand. For example, activities such as gardening, musical instruments, playing tennis are constantly causing pressure on certain areas of the hand.

What Are Callus Symptoms?

The first precursor to the formation of calluses is the hardening of the skin. Hardening occurs in the skin color changes to a yellow color. Callus formation is very easy to notice with the eye.
It is divided into 2 groups according to how hardening. Calluses are more and less hard. At the first levels, the skin hardens. If not observed, hardening reaches advanced dimensions.
The callus root called nidus is formed in the following calluses. Nidus formation is particularly painful in an area where it is stepped on. In order to get rid of callus pain and callus permanently, callus root must be removed.

How is Callus Treatment?

In order to talk about the treatment of callus, we will talk about how to prevent callus before, measures to be taken.

How to Prevent Callus?

In order to prevent callus, suitable shoes should be chosen, foot care should be taken into consideration and conditions that cause callus should be eliminated.

Choosing the Right Shoe?

Prevention of calluses in the feet is primarily to select the appropriate shoes. Shoes should be neither large nor small. It should be suitable for the foot. If heeled shoes are used, they should not be used for a long time. Also, if heeled shoes are used, protective foot pads can be used in friction areas.

Skin Hardening Should be Avoided as Soon as it is Noticed.

Skin hardening does not cause any complaints in the first place. However, it is easily recognizable and preventable.

First, the situation causing the hardening must be eliminated. After the hardening in the area of ​​leather heel stone, can be cleaned with products such as foot rasp.

If the foot file is used when the feet are dry, it will be much more effective. It is generally recommended to use after wetting and softening the feet. Contrary to common knowledge, however, the foot file should be used when the feet are dry.

Radio Frequency Callus Treatment:

Advanced calluses must be treated by the doctor. Applications at home will be inadequate as they will only be superficial and will not affect the callus root.
Trying to remove the callus root at home will be quite painful. There is also a risk of catching germs as they cannot be made sterile. Therefore, removal of callus root at home should not be tried.
Callus treatment was performed by surgery in old times. Callus root was removed by surgery. Today, however, with the development of technology, calluses can be removed by radio frequency without the need for surgery.
The radio frequency device converts radio waves into heat energy. Thanks to the high temperature, callus root can be removed from the body in a practical way.

With the radiofrequency device, calluses can be easily removed from the body by local anesthesia within 1 minute.

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