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How to Remove Nevus (Moles)?

How to Remove Moles?

In this article, we will talk about how to get treated of the moles which found in many people. The method by which moles are taken is very important in terms of whether or not there is a trace. Therefore, after decidingto do the treatment, the treatments should be investigated well in detail and should be specialist by preferred doctor.

What are the techniques to get rid of the mole?

Moles are taken with surgery, cryotherapy, laser, electrocautery, plasma and radiofrequency techniques.

Mole Surgery (Leaves Trace)

Mole surgery is not a recommended technique for treatment. It is a disadvantageous and a technique that can leave a trace. However, there are unfortunately still doctors who use this technique.

The moles found in the body can be removed by surgical operation. Making the incision can cause at least as much as the mole or in some cases,it can causes a larger traces than the moles. Moles are mostly harmless lesions. The reasons for being abused are usually aesthetic anxiety. Therefore, it would not make sense to choose a method that will leave trace on the skin.

In addition, the surgical technique can be applied only in puffy lesions of the skin. It is inadequate treatment of superficial moles.

Laser Treatment

The laser device is used in many fields of medicine. Mole treatment is also one of them. With the laser beam, moles can be evaporated without trace. However, the laser device only acts on superficial and dark moles. Laser treatment is inadequate for skin and meat moles. Although it is an effective method, unfortunately it cannot be applied in all moles.

Electrocautery Treatment

Although the cautery device is not as well-known as the laser,but it is used in the medical field as much as laser even more actively than the laser. Cautery device is a device that converts electrical energy into heat energy. Thanks to its high temperature, it can easily be used with scalpel logic in surgeries. Thanks to its high temperature, it provides evaporation when approached to the skin. Thanks to this feature that have been used the mole treatment. However, due to the high power of the device, it may cause more tissue loss in the touched area than desired. There is therefore a risk of scarring or pitting. Due to the disadvantage of cautery technique, its currentity has started to decrease gradually. However, there are still practitioners in some public hospitals.

Plasma Treatment

The method is called plasma treatment. It is applied by the device. There are many different devices for plasma method. They all have approximately the same effects. The device is brought closer to the skin and ionizes the air remaining between the skin and the device to form plasma. In this way, the skin disappears in thin layers. Because it acts in very thin layers, the risk of scarring is very low. It is an effective technique. However, it can only be applied to superficial moles. Fluffy moles are insufficient.

Radiofrequency Treatment

It is currently used and the most efficient treatment technique. Practical, painless, non-marking. This is a recommended technique for the mole treatment.
Logic is the same as cautery and plasma technique. However, radiofrequency device is more effective. The radiofrequency device has the ability to convert radio waves into heat energy. Although it is an effective device, it can be adjusted very precisely. In this way, it gives the mole the chance to get different settings. In addition, the risk of scarring is minimized, thanks to its precise adjustment. Very thin layers can be evaporated from the skin with radiofrequency device. In this way, I can be evaporated to the desired extent. To minimize the risk of scars and pitting, the skin is evaporated highly for the thin layers. Accordingly, some moles can be spotting. In such cases, additional sessions might be needed.
In this article, the used methods of moles are discussed in detail. Before getting the treatment, it should always searched for treatment techniques to be able to choose a good physician and clinic.


Cryotherapy treatment is usually applied by dermatology (skin) specialists. As it is understood from the name of the process, it is aimed to freeze by applying coldness to the moles.
In cryotherapy application, moles are cooled to 60 degrees. by using the device, the mole should be fallen from the skin. In this way, the protein value of the skin changes and help to fall the mole from the skin. It can compared this to gangrene. Death of a part of the body due to slowing of blood circulation or infection is called “gangrene”. It is similar to this disease in freeze-refuting the mole.

In cryotherapy, it can be unpredictable how deeply the device will affect and how much tissue will be harmed. Therefore, Damage to the tissues can cause depressions. Therefore, cryotherapy treatment is preferred, this risk should be taken into consideration.

Treatment by Medication

Since moles are tumor-shaped, it is not possible to treat them with plants.

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