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What are the technics of removing the Mole without surgery?

Moles are skin lesions that can excit at least one in almost every human body. Moles can be found in the body since birth, or they can form later. Although they are generally harmless, some moles have a risk of cancer. Some moles are asked to be removed because of the risk of cancer and some moles just for the visual anxiety. In this article, the applied techniques without surgery will be discussed in detail.

Non-surgical Mole removing techniques; cryotherapy, laser, electro cautery, plasma and radio frequency techniques.

Moles are important procedures and they are performed by skincare specialists and general surgery specialists. Skin specialists generally use the cryotherapy technique. General surgery specialists use laser, radiofrequency, plasma and cautery techniques.
If the moles are taken by correct and appropriate techniques , so there is either no trace or a vague trace that will be noticed in a distance. For this reason, it is important to make sure that all non-surgical treatments are available at your destination.

Mole treatment by Cryotherapy

It is a technique usually applied by dermatologists. Not applicable to superficial moles. It can only be applied to skin fluffy moles.
Cryotherapy is also known as freezing. The reason is to cool to -60 degrees by applying liquid nitrogen to the mole. In this way, the chemical substance applied to make the mole fall by rot.
It is an application with risk of painful and healthy tissue loss. It is difficult to predict how deep the chemical applied will affect. Therefore, there is a risk of scars and pitting on the skin.

Mole treatment With Laser

The laser device is often used in the field of health and beauty. One of the areas where laser is used effectively is to remove moles. Superficial and dark colored moles can be removed without trace thanks to the laser device.
Unfortunately, the effect of the laser device in the treatment of puffy and light colored moles is insufficient. It is an effective technique, but its domain is limited.

Mole treatment With Electro Cautery

Cautery device is a device that is used more actively than laser in health field. However, the name has not been heard as laser.
Cautery device is a very powerful device that converts electrical energy into heat energy. Thanks to its high temperature, it provides evaporation in the area it is touched.
All superficial and fluffy moles can be applied. However, because it is a very powerful device, it can cause scars or pits. For these reasons, the cautery device should be used with great care by a skilled person.

Mole treatment by Plasma

Mole treatment by Plasma can only be applied to superficial moles. There are many devices of different brands used in plasma treatment. Among them, Plexır brand is the most prominent. In fact, plasma treatment is often referred to as plexir treatment.
Plasma treatment of superficial moles is much more successful than laser device.

Mole treatment by Radio Frequency

Radio frequency device is a device that converts radio waves into heat energy. Thanks to its high temperature, it provides evaporation in the area it is touched like a cautery device. The difference between the cautery device and this device is the energy of the device.
RF device is also a powerful device. However, it is highly sensitive and can be adjusted at low doses. It can make millimeter evaporation on skin surface with Rf device. In this way, the risk of scarring is minimized.
Most of the moles taken with the RF device have no trace. However, in some moles there may be only a slight trace of the distance.

While the center to be treated should be preferred, a center with the possibility of applying all the techniques should be preferred. So, in this way you can choose yourself the most appropriate method.

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