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What Is Anal Fıssure?

What is anal fissure?

I would like to start by stating that it is one of the anus diseases that are likely to occur in all humans, including infants. If we look at the structure of the problem during the defecation of the inner part of the anus (close to the out side) is a small cut, torn.

In the picture below you will understand more clearly what I mean. Depending on the emergence process of the fracture, it is divided into two groups as acute and chronic. We will discuss the details in the anal fissure symptoms section. Now let’s look at the details of why anal fissure occur.

Anal Fıssure

Causes of Anal Fissure?

That’s a very good question. Because, it is important to take precautions to know why the disease occurs. The main cause of anal fıssure is constipation. But constipation is not the only one reason. Also diarrhea causes anal fissure.


Yes, as I mentioned in the beginning, the most important reason is the constipation problem. Constipation is not a serious problem but it is related to serious diseases. Because if it becomes chronic, it causes problems like hemorrhoids including anal fissure and anal hematoma.


Diarrhea (diarrhea) is another problem that causes a ınjury inside the anus. So constipation is not the only problem.

What are the Symptoms of Anal Fıssure?

One of the most important aspects of the disease is to be noticed from the first moment. Of course, our people stay away from the doctor for a long time because they are ashamed of anal examinations. Symptoms differ according to whether the disease is acute or chronic. If you wish, we can separate it into titles.

Pain During Defecation

The most noticeable finding would be pain during defecation. Because the feces come into contact with the rack, the patient will suffer a burning as if he were cutting with a broken glass. In new cases (within the first 15 days), this burning occurs within 3-4 minutes after defecation. In chronic patients that last 15 days after defecation can continue for another 4-5 hours. Therefore, patients do not want to go to the toilet.

Bleeding After Defecation

Another symptom is bleeding. Of course, bleeding occurs in many diseases including hemorrhoids, anus cancer. To decompose, you need to look at the color of the blood. Anal Fissurebleeding is light and only 1-2 drops. Typicallynoticeable in toilet paper.


Like many anal regions, anal fissure causes itching. Of course, it would be wrong to evaluate by just looking at the itch problem. Because the main cause of pruritus is anal dermatitis (yeast).

How Anal Fissure Passes

In fact, it is one of the easiest diseases to solve. Our only problem is to wait for it to become chronic instead of early diagnosis and treatment. In the first 2 weeks, there is a possibility that you will even take precaution sand creams. Therefore, the time you notice the disease must consult a doctor.

Examine Proctology Specialist

As soon as you notice the problem, you should have an examination by an expert doctor in this field. Physicians specialized in this field are general surgeons. However, a special area of ​​expertise has emerged in the diagnosis and treatment of general surgical breech diseases, which are quite extensive. Proctologyprovides a more successful solution. If a crack is detected during the examination, treatment should be started immediately. Thetreatmentmethodsarevaried, including cream.

How to Treat Anal Fissure?

The treatments mentioned above are performed by multiple methods. First of all, the diagnosis of the disease is required. Is the point of attention in diagnosis acute or chronic over the 15-day period? This is considered. Because the treatments are chosen according to acute or chronic disease. Now, let’s look at the treatment methods by taking a new case as an example.

Using Anal Fissure Creams

Ifyouconsultthedoctor in the early period, it will recommend treatment with cream without the need for surgical intervention. Of course, if you have constipation or diarrhea problems, you will have to overcome it for success. The cream can not say 100% effective. But it must be tried. There are 2 different cream brands that we can recommend in this context.

Anuflex (HerbalBreechCream)

The anal fissure cream we can recommend to you is Anuflex. Because it is not herbal, it has no side effects. Itcontainscloveoil, calendula oil, horse chest nutand licorice extract. Information about the product can be found at http://www.anuflex.com

BOTOX (Botulinum Toxin) İnjection

Creams as Rectoderm or Anuflex can only be effective during the first 15 days of the new period. If the disease progresses and becomes chronic, it has no effect. In this case, surgical intervention is required. We recommend BOTOX application in only 1 minute without the need for surgery. The aim of the treatment is to paralyze muscles that prevent crack healing (uncontrolled contractions) for up to 6 months. This will eliminate the uncontrolled contraction and the fracture will heal.

  Anal Fissure Surgery

Another treatment method is surgery. Here again, the aim is to treat the muscle by cutting it uncontrolled. However, there are serious disadvantages compared to other methods. Because gas and feces can cause leakage. It is made in 2 ways as open and closed. The procedure can be completed in 5-10 minutes.

  Nutritonal Habits Of Patients

In order to ensure success in treatment, it should also paid attention to nutrition. In particular, it should avoid foods that may cause constipation and include more fiber-containing foods. It is also recommended to take plenty of fluids and walk for about 1 hour per day. Walking will help prevent constipation by operating the large intestine muscles.

Non-surgical Anal Fissure Treatment in Turkey

Idea Clinic has 6 branches in Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Istanbul (Kadikoy, Bakirkoy, Sisli). In İdea Clinics anal fissure treatment is applied without surgery. If you want to be treated with non surgery treatment you can contact us on 0542 621 08 88 for an examination and appointment.

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